Passover is Coming

February 21, 2018

Passover is steeped with many lessons, all of which are relevant in the 21st century. Most years, when thinking about the symbolism of the seder plate, I focus on the sweetness of the escape from slavery while eating charoset, the complicated tears while dipping parsley into salt water, the smearing of the lamb’s blood while lifting up the […]

Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

As the High Holy days approach, I turn inward. I take a personal accounting of my actions, words and thoughts. I also start to focus on the liturgy. I find that some of the metaphors and prayers offered throughout the days of awe are more easily digestible than others. Some years, the God who sits […]

Sheet Cake

August 22, 2017

I have never liked cheap humor, slapstick comedy or potty humor. I love satires, which is not completely surprising, since I am a tad bit sarcastic. Satire is cerebral and pithy, carefully crafted to make you think. It contains elements of truth twisted with fantasy, and it is up to the viewer to interpret a […]

Trip to Hebron

July 6, 2017

Trusting my chaver, colleague and friend, I signed up for a trip with T’ruah, a U.S.-based organization of rabbis active in promoting human rights and Breaking the Silence, a group of former IDF soldiers dedicated to fighting the Israeli occupation, who collect and publish personal testimonies about their military service in locations like Hebron. The […]

Camp Is An Inspiration For Everyone

August 6, 2013

Throughout the year, it is vital that clergy and other Jewish professionals take time to feed their souls.  Jewish professionals spend much of our time making sure others get what they need, often forgetting about our own personal care.  Between solving congregational disputes, trying to please everyone and attending numerous meetings, it’s easy to lose […]

Jewish Camp – Jewish Time

At a young age I fell in love with Jewish Identity — not just the services where I used to count the light bulbs in the sanctuary or the religious school classes where I went primarily to socialize. And not even the rabbis whom I admired greatly. Rather, I fell in love with the whole […]

Tu B’Shevat

January 23, 2013

Close your eyes and imagine being stranded on a deserted island. What would you need? If you were completely concerned with survival, you probably wouldn’t value your tchotchkes, pictures or other sentimental or materialistic items very much. Even your toothbrush, a basic necessity that I highly value, would seem relatively inconsequential. I am guessing your list of […]

21st Century

October 25, 2011

Recently, I have been getting more interested in technology. I longingly awaited the release of the new iPhone. Up until now, I have been interested but also a little reluctant to take chances and unwilling to sit for long enough to figure out exactly how some websites work. Honestly, my husband is my technical support. […]

Lessons Learned From Israeli Sukkot

October 3, 2011

Bang, bang, bang. It was the day after Yom Kippur in Jerusalem and people were already outside and dressed, constructing their sukkahs. The echoes of construction were even more penetrating than the sounding of the shofars only weeks before. In a city made of stone, sounds carry and reverberate in every direction.   It took […]

A New Beginning

August 25, 2011

 As the beginning of the school year rapidly approaches, almost all children (and parents!) feel excitement, anticipation and nerves. A new school year offers our children a fresh beginning, with new teachers, new supplies, new attitudes and, hopefully, a clean slate. Thankfully, children are not the only ones who reap the benefits of beginning a […]