Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Share a Farm’s Produce

CSA GraphicThe Shomrei Torah CSA (community supported agriculture) is now year round. Join with other CST families who love the experience and receive weekly boxes of fresh veggies direct from the farmer.  Our beautiful farm partner since 2009 is Singing Frogs Farm.  They are located just west of Sebastopol and have a unique hand dug, compost rich, and chemical free agriculture that generates tremendous production of tasty and healthy veggies and fruits.  They welcome visitors on the farm, and have special events that include blueberry picking in early summer—a treat for the whole family. Besides a huge assortment of seasonal produce, they also offer eggs, brown rice, and olive oil.

Check out Singing Frogs Farm–go to Sign up on-line at their CSA info site. Mention that you want CST as your drop-off site.

If you want to split an order (alternating weeks usually) and need help finding a partner, or if you have questions, contact Rick Reisman at