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Daniel Matt, Shekhinah: The Feminine Half of God

a picture of daniel matt=311_dpi=7927April 11, 2014, 6:15 pm Service
One of the boldest contributions of Kabbalah is the idea that God is equally female and male. Daniel Matt will briefly trace the development of Kabbalah and then focus on the concept of Shekhinah (the feminine aspect of God) from its rabbinic origins to its full flowering in the Zohar, where Shekhinah is identified with the Sabbath Bride.
Daniel Matt is one of the world’s leading authorities on Kabbalah. He has published over ten books, including The Essential Kabbalah (translated into seven languages), Zohar: Annotated and Explained, and God and the Big Bang: Discovering Harmony between Science and Spirituality.
Daniel is nearing completion of his immense project of translating and annotating the Zohar, the masterpiece of Kabbalah.
RSVP to CST at 578-5519.  Suggested donation $10 per person.

Maya Brodkey, Not Your Bubbeh’s Gender: Jewish Genders Through a Queer Lens

mayaphotoJune 13, 2014, 6:15 pm Service
How is gender in the Jewish world different than gender in the non-Jewish world? Where has gender variance and non-conformance appeared in Jewish history, and how has it been addressed? This discussion will explore both Biblical examples of non-normative Jewish genders and modern-day instances of Jewish gender bending.
Maya Brodkey is the Bay Area Community Organizer for Keshet, a non-profit working for the full inclusion of LGBTQ Jews in Jewish life.
RSVP to CST at 578-5519.  Suggested donation $10 per person.

Calling all Shomrei Torah women:

Come and join our Rosh Chodesh women’s group. It is a custom for women to gather for celebration and sisterhood every month at the time of the new moon.  The meetings may be at a private home, or at an outdoor setting (under the actual moon!–weather permitting).
Each month will focus on a specific Jewish spiritual theme (from Kabbalah, mussar (Jewish ethical teachings), or a Biblical source).  We will meditate, chant, sing, dance, study, and discuss in order to deepen our connection to the sacred, to ourselves, to each other and to the community.
We hope you will join us!  Please contact:

Alissa Hirshfeld-Flores (certified Jewish Spiritual Director) at or
Rabbinic Pastor Judith Goleman at

Torah Study

…and Breakfast for the Hungry Hearted is held every Shabbat morning at 8:45AM in our Kolbo. All are welcome, of any age, including beginners to Torah study. Sessions are led by Rabbi George, Rabbi Kramer, and by lay leaders. The best opportunity for ongoing in-depth discussion of Torah and related writings.